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Monday, 6 August 2018

Summer eating 🍅🍆🌿🌽

Harissa glazed aubergines is something we all enjoy eating in the summer. 
Slice the aubergine, brush with olive oil ( I use spray ) 
Place the slices on a baking tray. It goes in pre heated oven on 180 C for 20 min.
Get the tray out and brush the aubergines with harissa paste ( the one I use is smoky but mild and very oily ) 
Back in oven for another 10 - 15 minutes.
I serve the aubergines with Greek salad with added cooked lentils as well as toasted bread.

Grilled corn quinoa salad with falafels, tzatziki and pita bread 

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed this meal, it's summer on a plate, it's absolutely lovely !!!
I used: 3/4 cup quinoa , handful of chopped tomatoes, half a cucumber, chopped radishes, some red onion, avocado, tin of cooked butter beans, feta cheese, gilled corn, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and paper.
I grilles the corns under a grill for 20 minutes turning it every now and then.
In a meantime I cooked the quinoa for 15 - 20 minutes and chopped up the veggies.
Mix everything all up, season with paper, easy on the salt as feta cheese is salty enough.
Serve with tzatziki, falafels and pita bread for a perfect balanced summer meal ❤☀🌽 

I have found the best recipe for falafels, made from chickpeas ( of course ) as well as broccoli and cauliflower.  I made them in advance, kept in freezer and bake straight from frozen. Perfect !   here is the link for the recipe !!

Bambino portion 
from the market

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Harisa aubergines bake

I love aubergines, I grow up picking a fresh aubergines from our garden, those days we used to eat seasonal vegetables only. My mum was very creative in the kitchen, she still is, she was preparing aubergines in many different ways which were all delicious. Recently I discovered this recipe and so far it's my favorite because frying process is not in a game so it's easy to digest ... If you are auber-lover, this is must try dish ..

(serve 4 )
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
300 gr short-grain brown rice
800 ml vegetable stock
salt and pepper
2 aubergines 
2 Tbsp harisa paste
olive oil
2 - 3 fresh tomatoes cut into cubes
fresh parsley
thick Greek style yogurt to serve

First, slice the aubergines lengthwise. With the tip of a knife, score the flesh in a diamond cross pattern.Spread the harisa paste on the top.

In a big casserole dish heat up 3 Tbsp of oil, add the onion and saute for 10 minutes or so. Add the minced garlic and the rice ( pre-soaked in cold water for at least 2 hours ).
Mix it up, add the stock and place the aubergines on the top.
Put the lid on and cook the rice and aubergines on a low temperature for 20 minutes. Make sure the aubergines are kind of floating. 
If your casserole dish in ovenproof you can just take the lid off, sprinkle tomatoes on the top, season with salt and pepper and place it in oven for 40 minutes on 180 C .
Otherwise, transfer the rice to a ovenproof dish carefully transferring the aubergines ( at this stage they will be soft ) and sprinkle the tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper.
The first 20 minutes keep the lid on of use a foil.
Remove the lid / foil and bake for 20 more minutes until everything looks yummy.
Sprinkle some chopped fresh parsley and serve with yogurt.

note: the harisa paste I was using had already oil and salt in it, that's why I didn't add much on the aubergines.
Some harisa pastes are in a tube and they are quite tick and oil free, if you use this kind of harisa mix it up with tablespoon of hot water and oil as well as salt. 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Veggie caviar

I can't have enough of this, since I made it last week, I haven't eaten anything else for snack or lunch.
This spread reminds me of the Balkan's legendary ajvar, it's just the method of prep is different but still deliver a explosion of taste....


5 Tbsp olive oil
1 aubergine, diced 
1 courgette, diced
1 red or yellow pepper, diced
1 - 2 hot chilies ( optional ) 
1 large onion, diced
2 carrots, grated
3 big tomatoes, diced
2 garlic cloves

Heat the oil in a large frying pan.
Add the aubergines, courgettes, pepper, chilies and onions as well as salt and pepper and saute until lightly caramelised, about 20 - 25 minutes.
 Whizz all the caramelised veggies in a food processor then put them back in the frying pan, add the carrots and the tomatoes.
Cook over a medium heat for an hour, stirring from time to time until you have a thick paste.
Add the garlic right in the end. Add some more oil if is dry. Season it with salt and pepper .
Store this spread into a sterilized jar in the fridge for two weeks.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Aubergine wedges in a wrap

Summer is here ?! Apparently so! It's been raining for a week, the sun is nowhere to be seen and it's still cold. These wraps has cheered us all up with the taste of a smelly tomatoes, sharp aubergines and a hint of a garlic, chili and basil...


serve 4

2 aubergines sliced into wedges 
6 small tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1/2 tsp chili flakes 
dry basil
olive oil
salt and pepper
fresh basil 

for the wraps: 200 gr flour, half to be wholemeal
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
40 ml oil
120 ml warm water

First make the wraps: place all ingredients into a medium size bowl and mix them all up until you form a dough. Cover with tea towel for an hour or two.
Place the dough onto a floured board and divide into 8 balls.
Using a rolling pin, roll each ball into a round using more flour if needed.
Heat a non stick frying pan and dry-fry the breads for 30 seconds of each side.

While you wait for the dough to rest, cut the aubergines into wedges, sprinkle some salt and set a side.
Cut the tomatoes into a small chunks, add the chili flakes, garlic, dry basil and some pepper.
Pre-heat the oven on 180 C.
Place the aubergines onto a baking tray and sprinkle oil generously .

Roast them for a 30 minutes, then add the tomato mixture and roast for 15 more minutes.
Sprinkle with fresh basil before serving.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Полнети модри патлиџани / Stuffed aubergines

Seasonal food -  rock!
I found these beautiful aubergines in my local market and I had to have them, I mean white aubergines? I have never seen them before, they are a bit different from the regular ones, a more creamier texture and with less seeds. 

I used simple ingredients, that I had in my kitchen. I used white rice but feel free to experiment with the filling. 

I stuffed, seasoned and baked them in the same dish as my mum would of but they were not the same. OK , she would cook this dish in a woodburning oven, however as everyone knows mum's dishes are always the best!

Потребни состојки:

8 мали модри патлиџани
1 компир
1 кромид
1 морков
2 чешниња лук
2 домати
4-5 лажици доматен сос
пола чаша ориз 
зачини по желба, сол, бибер, оригано
коцка за супа

Најпрво, издлабнете ги модрите од една страна и веднаш спуштете ги во вода.
Внатрешноста исецкајте ја ситно како и преостанатиот зеленчук.
На малку масло пржите го кромидот и морковот, додајте го лукчето како и еден од доматите.По 5 минути додајте го и оризот и половина од внатрешноста од модрите.
Припремите сад за печење: ставете малку масло и наредете го доматот исечен на кругови како и преостанатата смеса од внатрешноста на модриот.
Убаво зачинете.
Полнете ги модрите со смесата со ориз и покријте го секој модар со круг од компир.
Ако ви остане оризова смеса додајте ја во дното на тавата.
Во оризовата тава додајте 1 литар вода, додајте коцка за супа и 4-5 лажици доматен сос.
Варете ја течноста до вриење и додајте ја врз модрите.
Покријте ја тавата со фолија и печете на 190 степени околу 2 часа. 
При крај извадете ја фолијата за да се запечат и зацрвенат.
Посипете сецкан магдонос.
Сервирајте ги топли со леб и салата.


8 small aubergines
1 potato, sliced
1 onion
1 carrot
2 cloves garlic
2 tomatoes
4-5 tbsp tomato sauce or puree 
1/2 cup white risotto rice
seasoning, salt, pepper, oregano 
veggie stock powder ( I used marigold swiss organic )
chopped parsley

Start with scooping out the aubergines from one side only using a small knife and teaspoon.
Keep them in a cold water so they don't change the colour.
Chop it up the pulp and set a side.
In a medium size pot pour in 2-3 tbsp oil, add chopped onion, grated carrot and after 5 minutes add the garlic as well as 1 diced tomato.
Stir in the rice and half of the aubergine pulp.
Season well.
In a deep roasting dish, pour in some oil, add the rest of the aubergine pulp and place slices of one tomato.
Season it.
Stuff the aubergines with the rice mixture and place one slice of potato on top of each aubergine.
If you have any leftover of the rice mixture just spoon it in the bottom of the cooking pot.
Now the rice pot is empty, pour in 1 liter of water, add the tomato sauce or pure and stock.
Bring it to boil and pour it over the aubergines.
Cover it with lid or foil and place it in a pre-heated oven on 190 C.
Roast for 2 hours.
Take the lid off for the last 1/2 hour.
Sprinkle some fresh chopped parsley and serve it worm with bread and fresh salad.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Пире од модар патлиџан со ориз и леќа / Mashed aubergine with rice and lentils

Once in a week I cook  big batch of brown rice and lentils so I always have quick lunch. I am usually mixing it up with raw veggies for salad us a lunch or I put more effort ( like I  did today) for dinner. It's amazing how adventurous it can be a bowl of rice ..

Потребни состојки:

1 чаша од 250 мл интегрален ориз
пола чаша зелена леќа
1 модар патлиџан
маслиново масло
мокови и брокула
цврст јогурт
1  домат или неколку мали домати
сол и бибер

Најпрво измијте го оризот заедно со леќата под млаз ладна вода.
Во подлабок сад загрејте 2 лажици маслиново масло, додајте ги оризот и леќата, промешајте па додајте 3 - 4 чаши топла вода.
Варете на тивко со капак околу 45 минути.
На крај посолете.
Во меѓувреме испечете го модриот: прободете го со вилушка на неколку места и ставете го во загреана рерна на 220 степени, печете го околу 30 минути или додека не омекне.
Додека е вруќ, пресечете го по  должина и со лажица одвојте го ‚месото‘ и веднаш ставете го да се цеди.
Обарете го зеленчукот на пареа.
Пасирајте го модриот со вилушка,додајте му сол и бибер и малку маслиново масло како и ситно сецкани домати.
Сервирајте со лажица - две јогурт или павлака.
Наросете сецкан магдонос!


1 cup brown rice
half a cup of green lentils
1 aubergine
olive oil
carrots and broccoli 
thick yogurt
salt and pepper

Wash the rice and lentils under cold water.In a big pot heat up 2 tbsp of olive oil, add the rice and lentils, stir up and add 3 - 4 cups of hot water.
Put the lid on and cook it on a low temperature for about 45 minutes.
In a meantime roast or grill the aubergine, I prick mine with fork and I roast it in a hot oven (220 C ) for 30 minutes.
While it's still hot, cut the skin and spoon the "meat" off. Drain in a colander.
Mash it up, add some salt and pepper, olive oil and chopped tomato.
Steam or boil the veggies.
Serve it up with dollop of yogurt and lots of parsley.
Enjoy !

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Запечен зеленчук во доматен сос / Vegetable bake in tomato sauce

Do you know that feeling when you eat something nice but you can't ask for the recipe? Well, here is a little story about a recent occasion: my husband and I were eating out in a tiny place in Covent Garden, however I wasn't eating, I was tasting , trying to figure out what's in it, what kind of cheese and herbs they have used?
When we came home, I wrote down the ingredients that I had tasted and a few weeks later I made my own version.....and I loved it ......

Потребни состојки:

 модар патлиџан
1 чаша зелена леќа
800 гр конзервирани или свежи домати 
магдонос, босилок
сирење сто лесно се топи 

Исецкајте го зеленчукот.
Во поголема тава ставете неколку лажици масло, додајте го кромидот , по неколку минути додајте го и преостанатиот зеленчук.
Динстајте го зеленчукот 10 минути и додајте ја леќата и 2 чаши вода.
Поклопете со капак и варете го варивото на тивко 30 - 40 минути или додека леќата не омекне.Одстранете ја течноста ако ви остане.
Направете сос од доматите:
- во тава загрејте маслиново масло, додајте ги доматите, сол, бибер и неколку чешниња мелен лук како и свеж босилок . Варете го сосот 15 - 20 минути.
Кога леќата е варена, ставете ја во огноотпорна тава, посолите и додајте го сосот од домати.Измешајте убаво, ставете го сирењето одозгора и печете 20 минути .
Пред сервирање ставете го магдоносот.
Сервирајте како главно јадење со варен ориз, компир пире или со леб и салата!


1 cup green lentils
800 gr or 2 cans of chopped tomatoes
easy melt cheese 

Chopped the vegetables.
In a big pot put some oil and fry the onions for a few minutes adding the rest of the vegetables.Cook them for 10 minutes before adding the lentils and 2 cups of water.
Put the lid on and cook it for 30 - 40 minutes or until the lentils are soft.
Drain any water left.
Make the tomato sauce:
- in a medium size pot put some olive oil and add the tomatoes, 2 cloves of minced garlic,salt, pepper and fresh basil.
Cook the sauce for 15 - 20 minutes.
When the lentils are ready, pour them in a heatproof dish followed by tomato sauce.
Mix it all up and slice some cheese at the top.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Sprinkle some fresh chopped parsley before serving.
Serve it as a main meal with cooked rice or mashed potato or simple bread and salad.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Табуле на мој начин / My way tabbouleh

My kind of lunch, packed with flavors, cooked and raw vegetables on same plate it is something I am aiming for at least once in a day ...

Потребни состојки:

1 или 2 модри патлиџани
1 шоља од 250 мл булгар, крупен 
листови од рукола, спанаќ, поточарка и магдонос
прелив: маслиново масло, сок од лимон, мелен лук, дијон сенф, сол и бибер

зачин за зеленчук:

1 лажица семе од анасон
1 лажица семе од коријандер 
1 мала лажичка сол
1 мала лажичка бибер во зрно
малку љут буковец
1 мала лажичка оригано

Најпрво, направете го зачинот: 
Ставете ги сите состојки во електричен млин и така сомелениот зачин чувајте го во чиста тегла.
Исечете го модриот, премачкајте го со масло и зачинете го со зачинот што го направивте.
Печете го во грил тава додека не добие боја.
Во меѓувреме сварете го булгурот, ке му треба околу 10 до 15 минути.
Измешајте ги состојките за преливот.
Сварениот булгар измешајте го со зеленилата и преостанатиот зеленчук, прелијте со прелив и сервирајте со печениот или грилован модар патлиџан.

you will need:

1 or 2 aubergines 
1 cup bulgar
green leaves such as rocket, spinach, watercress and parsley 
fresh chili ( optional)
vinaigrette: olive oil, lemon juice,minced garlic, dijon mustard,salt and parer  

for the rub: 

1 tbsp fennel seeds 
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 tsp salt
1 tsp paper corn  
hot chili flakes 
1 tsp oregano

First, make the rub,  
put all the ingredients in a electric grinder and grind them until you get rough texture .Store the rub in a clean jar.
Ideal rub for grilling vegetables or meat, although I've never tried on meat.

Cut the unpeeled aubergine, brush it with some oil and sprinkle it with some of the rub mixture.
Grill the aubergines.
In a meantime, cook the bulgar according to the pack, usually takes about 10 - 15 minutes.
Combine all the ingredients for the vinaigrette.
Mix the bulgar with the fresh leaves and vegetables, pour over some vinaigrette and serve the tabbouleh with grilled aubergine.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Љуто пинџурче и Ирски леб / Hot dip and Irish bread

Неможам да замислам љуто пинџурче без леб и тоа домашен, Ирски леб или сода леб се прави за час и највкусен е топол да се јаде.  

Ке ви треба:

1 модар патлиџан 
2-3 мали лути пиперчиња или 1 голема

за лебот ке ви треба:

170 гр пченично бело брашно
170 гр интегрално брашно
30 гр ладен путер
1 лажичка сол
1 лажичка сода
250 мл млакеница
( може и јогурт)

Патлиџанот издупчете го со вилушка и печете го во рерна загреана на 190 степени околу 40 минути или додека не омекне.Додајте ги и лутите пиперчиња.
Оладите и излупите го патлиџанот како и пиперчињата.
Во толчник изтолчете малку лукче со сол, додајте го патлиџанот, пиперките и толчете да се соедини со лукот.
Се прелива со неколку лажици вруќо масло.

За Ирскиот леб:

Ставете го брашното во поголема здела, додајте му го путерот исечен на коцки, трљајте го путерот во брашното со прсти.
Додајте сол и сода и млакеница или јогурт.
Со лажица мешајте ја смесата за да добиете средно - меко тесто, префрлето го тестото на побрашнета работна маса и месето кратко.
Направите крст на лебот со нож и веднаш печете на 190 С 35 - 40 минути.

you will need: 

1 aubergine
2 -3 small chilies 
clove of garlic 

for the Irish bread you will need: 

170 gr white flour
170 gr wholewheat flour
30 gr butter
1tsp salt
1tsp soda bicarbonate 
250 ml buttermilk or yogurt 

For the dip, prick with fork the aubergine and roast it for 40 min. on 190 C
Add the chilies half way.
When they are done,leave it to cool before you peel them .
Crash the garlic with little bit of salt using wooden or any other natural material pestle and mortar.
Add the aubergine and the chilies, work it until you get nice and smooth texture.
Bring some oil to heat until is very hot and pour over it.

for the Irish bread:

Put both flours into a big bowl, rub in the butter, add the salt and soda, mix it all together adding the buttermilk.
Transfer the dough to floured worktop and kneed shortly, making ball shape.
Make a cross at the top and bake the bread on 190 C for 35 - 40 minutes.
Serve it nice and warm.