Saturday, 26 March 2016

Експрес лепиња без квасец /Yeast free Instant flat breads

Happy Easter if you are celebrating! My country is celebrating Orthodox Easter called Велигден which is not until first of May. Since I am in UK I get to celebrate Easter twice and I am very happy about that. My children  are particularly happy because they get double fun that both Easter celebration can bring!
These flat breads are an ideal quick fix in my life, everyone loves them, especially with some homemade humus and slices of avocado. I can't praise them enough .............

Потребно е,

200 гр интегрално пченично брашно
180 гр овесно ( мелени овесни снегулки )
2 мали лажички прашок за пециво - без алуминиум*
70 гр овесни снегулки
50 гр семки од сончоглед
3 лажици ленено семе
3 лажици маслиново масло
1 лажиче сол
околу 300 мл млака вода 

Измерете и измешајте ги сите суви состојки, додајте го маслото како и водата.
Направете тесто, поделете го на 10 - 12 топки и развлечете ги тестата тенко.
На загреана тава пржете ги лепчињата на суво околу 3-5 минути од секоја страна.
Послужете ги топли наместо леб.
Може и да се замрзнат!

*Прашок за пециво без алуминиум може да се најде во продавници за здрава храна.


200 gr wholemeal wheat flour
180 gr oat flour made of ground porridge oats
2 tsp aluminium free baking powder
70 gr porridge oats
50 gr sunflower seeds
3 Tbsp flax seeds
1 tsp salt
3 Tbsp olive oil
around 300 ml lukewarm water

Weight all dry ingredients, mix them all up and add the oil as well as the water.
Form a dough, divide it into a 10 to 12 balls and roll each ball flat.
You can simply use your palms.
Heat a non stick frying pan and dry fry the breads for 3-5 minutes of each side.
Serve them warm instead of bread.
Perfect for freezing! 

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Полнети печурки / Stuffed mushroom

This has became a regular dish in my kitchen for many reasons, it's packed with proteins, taste as good as it looks, it is very easy to create and you can serve it with different carbs each time. I like it best served with a creamy polenta or mashed cauliflower, the options are endless....

Потребно е:

4 големи печурки
4 јајца
маслиново масло
сол и бибер
за прелив:
една рака магдонос
50 гр индијски ореви
сок од полoвина лимон
маслиново масло

Исчистете ги печурките, одстранете го стеблото од средината на печурката и наредете ги во тава за печење.
Во секоја печурка ставете по едно јајце и посолете.
Додајте 2 - 3 лажици маслиново масло и ставете ги печурките во загреана рерна на 180 степени да се печат.
Печете околу 15 до 20 минути.
Во меѓувреме направете прелив:
- ставете ги сите состојки во блендер, додајте малку вода ако сакате течен прелив.
Сервирајте ги печурките по желба: ориз, палента или пире од комрири или зеленчук.


4 portobello mushrooms
4 eggs
2-3 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
for the pesto:
1 handful parsley
50 gr cashew nuts 
juice of half lemon
olive oil

Clean the mushrooms and remove the stalks.
Place the mushrooms on a tray and crack an egg into the centre of each mushroom.
Sprinkle some salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.
Cook the mushroom on preheated oven on 180 C for 15 - 20 minutes.
In a meantime make the pesto, place all ingredients into a small blender and blend it until it's smooth. Add some water if you prefer your pesto runny.
Serve it as you wish.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sirt-rich salad

What is Sirt food? Sirt food is food high in Sirtuin activators, a type of protein which protects the cells in our bodies from becoming inflamed from illness. Also they can help regulate your metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat ...

You will need:

leftover cooked grains ( quinoa, brown rice, millet )
ribbons of carrots and courgettes 
spring onions
fresh chilies 
pumpkin seeds for a crunch 
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper 

Using a potato peeler, peel the courgettes and carrots all the way to the core.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all up.

Fit perfectly into a glass jar to take it away to work for a healthy lunch on a budget.

Other sirt food : garlic, kale, cocoa powder, red onion, all fresh herbs, green tea, all sort of berries, turmeric, apples . 

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Inspirational books

Hello my dear readers. 
I would like to share with you my top four food books that I often read and some others that are worth mentioning ....

The kind diet by Alicia Silverstone was the eye-opener book for me, it is packed with lot of facts, information about holistic living, veganism and more, much more...

The alkaline cure is based on Dr Mayr's study, the first Mayr health clinic was open in Austria by one of his pupils.This book is "must read" book, it will answer a lots of questions related to health.

The Healthy life is my latest book i have purchase one rainy evening when I needed a bread and milk from my local supermarket but I came out with a full basket AND this book.No regrets so far, it is a very good read.

Foods that harm foods that heal was given to me a very long time ago, its packed with very useful info about common illnesses, for example: I have learnt when I have a headache to dip my feet into a warm water adding a black mustard seeds - it works! 

A modern way to eat by Anna Jones - wow, I will highlight her recipe for dry freezable veggie stock 

The Bean book by Rose Elliot - if you need idea what to do with beans this is the one, sadly - no photos in the book

The Modern Vegetarian by Maria Elia  - best pumpkin risotto recipe 

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi - very exiting book to own 

Arranged by my three year old 

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