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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Coffee body scrub

Happy Mother's day to me !!  I love this body scrub, it's a real treat and that's exactly what I need this mother's day weekend.

The recipe is from the blog .....A beautiful mess.......

You will need only 3 ingredients:

- ground coffee, 3/4 cup
- polenta or sugar, 1 cup
- coconut oil, half cup

Melt the coconut oil. 
Place the other ingredients into a large bowl and pour in the coconut oil.
Mix well and spoon it into a glass jar.

Use only small amount of the scrub to exfoliate your body and face, you don't want to block your bath drain. ( I presume you scrub in bath ) 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Туѓи рецепти / Other people's recipes

I suppose Kifla is something I can't translate, it is something between croissant and roll and you can not get a way without kifla if you have any celebration, birthday party in Balkan countries.
Don't even think about having New year party at home without plain kifla, mayonnaise salad and sarma. However, my kifla is sweet with chocolate spread in it and I was inspired to bake these beauties from a recipe from coolinarika. Thank you Jelah! If you want the recipe click/here

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Weekend full of cooking, watching tennis and more.....

It is been one of those weekends, busy, lots of things were going on but I was ready for it. It started with a 8 km run followed by chilling down in front of the television watching Tennis and cheering on Novak Djokovic.
But there was something on my mind all afternoon and that was Burek.
Burek is a traditional Bosnian pie made with meat. You can get burek in almost all ex-Yugoslavian countries in a bakery shops. I made one with spinach and feta and one with potatoes. Here are the photos and the link for the recipe:

 Wholemeal potato and spring onion pie inspired by this recipe

Spinach and feta cheese pie

Making the pastry  

I had a little helper