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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Eat your greens for lunch

Hi blog readers, check this out..
Greens for lunch - yes please !!
Looks complicated ?? it's not ..
Takes 20 - 30 minutes for preparation, keep everything in fridge ready to be used when needed .

Most of it can be packed in a lunch box ready to go...

you will need:

- spinach, frozen or fresh ;
- edamame beans, frozen ; 
- chopped avocado ; 
- fresh tomatoes ; 
- rocket salad leaves ;
- olives ;
- fresh red peppers ; 
- grated carrots and beetroot ; 
- eggs, boiled or scrambled ; 
- any roast veggies, I love butternut squash ;
- green wraps ; 
- bread ;
- seeds ;
- olive oil ; 

I have scrambled some eggs for this wraps, I added tomatoes, avocado and rocket salad leaves as well as some crunchy sliced red onion ....

Edamame beans on toast , oh my ...
I love edamame or soya beans . They are full of proteins and very tasty.
I placed the beans into a small frying pan, add olive oil and chopped garlic and toss everything for 2 - 3 minutes until the beans are defrosted. Perfect on warm toast with extra greens on the top.....

Wilted spinach on toast or on sandwich topped with whatever you like...
It goes really well with cooked rice ( fill up a glass jar with cooked grain and wilted spinach topped with fresh veggies ) 
don't forget to season with olive oil
add some seeds for a crunch ...

Roasted butternut squash goes really well with cooked greens or added in your favorite salad ...