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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Protein rich loaf quick and easy version

December is one of the busiest month of the year but we love if. I personally love preparing everything homemade for the festive season and when the time is tight I always look for a quick and easy recipes but still tasty and healthy. This bread is everything what I need when I am in a hurry ! 


300 gr wholemeal flour ( I used spelt )
100 gr white flour ( again I used spelt )
50 - 70 gr nuts and seeds ( I used pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds as well as almonds) 
all toasted 
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
450 ml water
1 Tbsp rolled oats for topping 

In a large mixing bowl, place all the dry ingredients.
Add the liquid little by little until you get a soft dough. 
Spoon the mixture into a loaf tin size 22 x 10 cm, greased.
Sprinkle the oats evenly over and bake in the oven for 40 min on 190 C and 15 more minutes on 170 C. 
Once baked remove from the tin and allow to cool on a wire rack.
Slice it and eat it on the day that it's baked. 
Freeze the sliced bread , you will thank yourself when you want a something nice and warm like toast, simply toasted straight from the freezer and enjoy it! 

Friday, 28 October 2016

I couldn't go Vegan without these ........

quick and easy changes! 

Every now and then I feel like I don't want any dairy products in my system as well as eggs so I go vegan as long as I can last. My aim is to eat more alkali food. Within a week, I already feel better about my self, I am more creative in my cooking and I can see changes in my skin as well.


Best non dairy milk for me is this rice milk, it's mild and goes really well in any baking I do. I love it !
Nutritional yeast is my subs for cheese, it's nutty and cheesy and I usually add it to soups, risottos, stews, pasta dishes and home-made pesto.
Cinnamon is my every day spice, vegan or not, winter or summer, cinnamon goes everywhere I go :) 
The pumpkin is on this photo for a reason, I am literally obsessed with eating pumpkin. 
Pumpkin goes in the oven first, I want my pumpkin nicely baked before I mash it, divided into a 150 - 200 gr portions and use it as I need. Pumpkin goes into my bread, soups, tomato sauces, cookie dough, smoothie, pancakes, muffins, cheese cake, or even in my coffee - pumpkin and spice latte - recipe coming soon .....   

I will start with my favorite rolls, they are delicious and I want to have them available at any time so I make a double batch and I freeze half.  

I used 350 gr white and wholewheat flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp quick action yeast, 1 Tbsp olive oil, 1 grated carrot, 250 ml water or more and pumpkin seeds for the top.

In a mixing bowl, place all ingredients and make a dough.Knead the dough until smooth and leave it to rest for an hour.Divide the dough into 12 and using more flour shape each dough into a ball.Place them onto a big baking tray covered with baking paper, brush them with some water or dairy free milk and sprinkle some of your favorite seeds.Cover with tea towel and leave them to rest for about 40 minutes.Bake on 200 C for 15 min. My favorite snack combo is carrot roll with hummus and fermented cabbage and carrot kind of sauerkraut I make on a regular bases.

Other snacks I always have in my fridge :

Chopped fresh veggies and sliced oranges !

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from you!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sirt-rich salad

What is Sirt food? Sirt food is food high in Sirtuin activators, a type of protein which protects the cells in our bodies from becoming inflamed from illness. Also they can help regulate your metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat ...

You will need:

leftover cooked grains ( quinoa, brown rice, millet )
ribbons of carrots and courgettes 
spring onions
fresh chilies 
pumpkin seeds for a crunch 
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper 

Using a potato peeler, peel the courgettes and carrots all the way to the core.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all up.

Fit perfectly into a glass jar to take it away to work for a healthy lunch on a budget.

Other sirt food : garlic, kale, cocoa powder, red onion, all fresh herbs, green tea, all sort of berries, turmeric, apples . 

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from you.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Здрави грицки за цела недела / Healthy snacks for whole week

It's true, they do last for a week as long as you don't snack a lot. Fantastic for dipping into hummus or simply nibble them as you wish. Lunchbox fillers, instant after school snack or walking in the park snack instead of crisps - they are perfect.
Recipe adapted from Anna Jones !!

Потребни состојки:

100 гр семки од сончоглед
100 гр семки од тиква
100 гр сусам
50 гр чија или ленено семе ( обавезно мелени )
200 гр овесни снегулки 
1 лажиче сол
3 лажици маслиново масло
350 мл вода
по желба се додава ким и чурокот ( црн сусам )

Семките малку испечете ги во сува тава.
Овесните снегулки по желба се мелат а и не мора.
Сите состојки се мешаат во поголема здела и се додава водата малку по малку. 
Поделете ја смесата на 2 дела, секој дел се развлекува со сукало помеѓу 2 парчиња хартија за печење и веднаш се става во рамна тепсија. 
Одстранете ја горната хартија и печете 20 - 25 минути на 190 степени.
Повторете ја постапката и со второто тесто.
Ке добиете 2 тврди кори, оладете ги пред да ги искршите на неправилни парчиња.
Чувајте ги во убаво затворена кутија за пецива.


100 gr sunflower seeds
100 gr pumpkin seeds 
100 gr sesame seeds 
50 gr chia or flax seeds ( grounded )
200 gr oats for porridge, grounded if you wish 
1 tsp salt
3 Tbsp olive oil
up to 350 ml water
extra adding can be a caraway and nigella seeds

Toast the seeds in non stick frying pan until they get a light golden colour.
Mix up all the ingredients, add the water gradually and make a dough.
Divide the dough into two.
Place each dough between two sheets of baking paper and roll it thin using a rolling pin.
Place it onto a baking tray, remove the upper baking sheet and bake it for 20 - 25 minutes on 190 C .
Repeat the same method with the rest of the dough.
You will get a two huge crispy and flat crackers, cool them down before you brake them into a irregular shapes. 

note: oats are naturally gluten free but if you are gluten intolerant you better get a oats that are packed in gluten free environment.

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from you.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

February Feasts

Energy food is what I need for uplifting during a dismal January and February, this is my typical menu on a good day.  This means I have planed ahead what I am going to eat, creating a list of ingredients, shopping over weekend, soaking the beans and grains, chopping veggies and even cooking some of it in advance ....

Breakfast: smoothie made of pre soaked oats, banana, spinach, blueberries and ground seeds.
Lunch: Hummus, flat breads and sliced veggies.
Dinner: Quinoa, green beans, avocado, tomatoes, fresh chili pepper and walnuts. 

To make the smoothie ( serve 2 ) you will need:
1/3 cup porridge oats
1 banana
handful of spinach leaves 
handful of blueberries
300 ml cold water, more or less 

Blitz all the ingredients in a blender for 30 seconds.

To make the hummus you will need: 
300 gr cooked chickpeas,
3 Tbsp olive oil,
salt and pepper
juice of half lemon
1 Tbsp tahini 
a few sun dried tomatoes, optional

Blitz the ingredients together in a blender until you get the consistency you want.

The flat breads are made of 200 gr wholemeal flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt,
40 gr melted butter and 120 ml warm water.
Mix up all the ingredients using a electric hand mixer.
Leave the mixture on room temperature for 2 hours.
Divide the dough into ten and roll each one to get a flat round disk.
Heat a non stick frying pan and dry fry the breads for 30 sec on each side.

To make this quinoa dish you will need:
1 cup of cooked quinoa or 1/2 cup of dry ( cook it by following the instruction on the packet )
handful of green beans
1 fresh chili,
handful of chopped nuts
handful of tomatoes
one avocado, cubed or sliced 
olive oil, salt pepper and parsley 

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from you.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Ржени палачинки / Rye pancakes

Happy New Year everyone! I would like these round beauties called pancakes to be my first recipe in the new year.They are amazing as wraps, perfect for light meal post holidays!

Потребни состојки:

100 гр ржено брашно
100 гр бело брашно
3 јајца
500 мл вода

Ставете го брашното во поголем сад, додајте ги јајцата и мешајки со жица-маталка додајте ја водата. Посолете.
Смесата треба да одстои 5 минути.
Загрејте тава која не лепи, ставете малку масло и пржете ги палачинките по 3-4 минути од секоја страна.
Јас добив 10 палачинки и ги намачкав со домашен хумус, додадов рендан морков, авокадо, зелени листови за салата како и чили пиперка.


100 gr rye flour
100 gr plain flour
3 eggs
500 ml water

Place the flour into a big mixing bowl, add the eggs and water and mix it with a whisk.
Add some salt and leave it to rest for 5 minutes.
Heat up a non-stick frying pan, rub the pan with a touch of oil and fry the pancakes 3-4 minutes of each side.

I've got 10 pancakes and I spread them with some hummus, topped with grated carrots, green salad leaves, sliced avocado and some fresh chili pepper. 

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Avocado and carrot rolls

Healthy shack never been easier. Simple to put together, great appetizers and good for you.
Place them on your table and watch them disappear! 


1 avocado
1 - 2 carrots 

Use a potato peeler, peel long pieces of carrot.
Chop the avocado into cubes and fill the carrot strips with avocado.

You can also try different combo, cucumber with avocado, carrot and hummus, cucumber with carrot cubes or carrot with green celery pieces.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Healthy snacks

Just a quick post before Christmas, here are two of my favorite snacks that keeps my sugar craving under control. I was so amazed when I tried the combo green apple and nut butter AND THEN I  tried medjool date stuffed with nut butter and it's soooooo good folks it blows your mind.Medjool dates do contain sugar but they don't produce such a blood -sugar high when you eat them as the fibre in them slows all down. Rich in selenium, copper, B vitamins and antioxidant medjool dates don't come cheep but they worth every penny!

You will need:

medjool dates
green apple
nut butter such as peanut or almond butter

Take the pit out of the dates and stuff them with 1 tsp of nut butter


slice a green apple and make a sandwiches using your favorite nut butter!

Delicious and nutritious !