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Saturday, 15 September 2018

In my kitchen in September 🌽🍂🍆 🍅

Hello autumn - my favorite season !!

I have some exciting things and food this September and I am happy to share it....

Beautiful aubergines - picked from Wisley garden. There was some awesome fresh produce for people to take home for a small donation in return. 

orange beetroot from Wisley 

a few corns and a pumpkin that I used for my homemade tomato sauce 

super cute mini olives

I bought those napkins this summer from Macedonia 

super cute knives and forks for packed lunch, also from Macedonia 

my new paper cups 

some tea bags from Macedonia

sourdough bread baking continues in my kitchen

Lentils salad loaded with fresh veggies, edamame beans and home grown chives 

the garlic was grown and dried by my dad  ❤organic 

Tomato sauce enriched with roasted pumpkin and garlic 

I make this sauce every September, this time I added some roasted pumpkin and garlic, it's perfect 
the recipe is on my blog click here if you are interested 

Aubergine & yellow peas coconut curry with homemade naan bread ( I could eat this every day )

Apple & cinnamon cakes - perfect for lunchboxes 

Carrot cake I baked for my husband birthday
the kids loved the roses made by carrot ribbons 

I am sharing this post with sherrys pickings in my kitchen in September 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Плочки со моркови / Flat carrot cake

Carrot cake made quick and easy, every time I bake it.  I use different dry fruits, seeds and flavours.  Sometimes I add the zest of a orange or lemon or I will use olive oil and a courgette - it all depends what I have in my fridge. What ever I use these carrot bars are super tasty and we all have them for a healthy snack any time in the day!

потребно е:

4 лажици мелено ленено семе
50 мл масло, користам кокосово стопено 
200 гр мелени овесни снегулки или брашно по желба
150 гр суво овошје
1 поголем морков
1 јаболко
50 гр кокос
50 гр семки од сончоглед
4 лажици јаворов сируп или мед
1 мало лажиче екстрат од ванила
пола лажиче цимет

Меленото ленено семе се попарува со 8 лажици вруќа вода.
Морковот и јаболкото се лупат.
Сите состојки се мешаат заедно.
Смесата се става во правоаголен сад со величина 20x30 см.
Се пече околу 35 - 40 минути на 190 степени.
Откако колачот е печен, оладете го и исечете го на плочки.


4 Tbsp flax seeds
50 ml oil, I used coconut oil, melted
200 gr ground porridge oats
150 gr dried fruit, chopped
1 big carrot
1 apple
50 gr desiccated coconut 
50 gr sunflower seeds
4 Tbsp maple syrup or honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon 

Soak the flax seeds in 8 Tbsp hot water.
Grate the carrot and the apple
Mix all the ingredients. 
Place in a baking tray size 20 x 30 cm
Bake on 190 C for 35 - 40 minutes.
After the cake is baked, cool it down before you cut it .