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Saturday, 14 April 2018

In my kitchen - April '18

I love reading posts "In my kitchen" so my much, I decided to join in. So, here is my first In my kitchen post and I hope some people will find it inspiring


This is my regular buy - coffee from m&s especially when is buy one get one for half price. 
I like my coffee so much but I only enjoy one a day these days .... 

Tinned beans is something I use more than freshly cooked sadly, that's why I try to buy organic one. 

Sesame seeds goes everywhere : sweet and savoury bakes, gomashio, sprinkles for salads 

Couscous and farro grains used for salads 

I got this tea from my favorite health shop in Brighton, it's very mellow with smooth camomile taste

We like to drink hot chocolate, this one is very bitter so I won't be buying it again :)

Fresh fruit and veg from my local green grocer .... 

My favorite rice 

 still uneaten 

Borrowed from library - I love reading cookbooks, gets me inspired 

Got this today for 90p  - I love bargain 

This magazine was given to me today from my local health shop - very informative 

We celebrated Orthodox Easter on 8th of April, I was very excited to eat an egg after 7 weeks of doing the lent 

Polenta, mushroom and spinach stack - one of my lent friendly dishes 

Roast garlic, almond and basil pesto - all vegan

Tempeh & veggies spicy curry - also lent friendly 

I am sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's pickings  who is hosting the in my kitchen challenge