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Monday, 4 July 2016

Ricotta, feta and watermelon bruschetta #2

I made this bruschetta for our Sunday brunch and I was so pleased to see the children happily munching them. My daughter made a comment about the combination as we don't really eat melon with cheese on regular days. However I grew up eating bread and fruit as a snack but then there was plenty of fruit growing in our garden and the cheese was saved for stuffing a peppers usually the shape of a cone, only to be served to the children as an ice cream....those were the days...

You will need:

french bread such as baggete  
ricotta cheese
watermelon cut into cubes
crumbled feta cheese
fresh basil and mint 

Slice the bread and spread with ricotta cheese.You can toasted if you wish.
Mix up the melon and the feta cheese and sprinkle some of the herbs.
Spoon it over the bread, sprinkle with some extra basil and mint.

note: balsamic vinegar goes really well drizzled over