Monday, 21 May 2018

In my kitchen in May

The highlight of the month is my brand new sourdough starter.

My love for sourdough started a long time ago, I had it about five years ago for a year and then I had to give it up because of high demands of the starter + having a baby wasn't easy.

I am giving another go, I have got myself a new book called the sourdough school and here is some photos so far: 

Established starter 

 our favorite way of eating sour bread is toasted and topped with what ever we have in the fridge

 my favorite supplement 

 Harissa, one of my favorite condiment 

Butternut squash oven baked risotto - perfect mid week dinner for all the family

Chickpea, courgettes and peppers pasties served with thick yogurt mixed with harissa

Healthy snack = rice cakes topped with peanut butter and fruit

pineapple muffins with spelt flour crumble 

I am sharing this post with  sherrys pickings who is hosting in my kitchen challenge