Monday, 7 January 2019

What I've been up to this January so far πŸŽ„❄️πŸ› πŸ₯˜

I love January !πŸ’• To me it is a time to get grounded from the festive season, get back to eating a bit more healthy, more basic and more on budget. Also it is my Orthodox Christmas in January and I love making the day special for me and my children just like my mum used to make it for me ……. 

This month I've decided to blend three of my favorite things into one post..

This soup is super tasty, I decided to add some pasta just to make it more attractive for my children. They'll eat anything with pasta :) 

my old favorite polenta, spinach and avocado topped with home-made gomashio 

Lentils stew with spinach, rice and roasted parsnips 
This lentil stew is adopted from Jamie Oliver 15 minutes meals, originally is with bacon and served with chicken

The next day leftovers lentil stew with added mushrooms - very tasty!!

Home-made sauerkraut 
this is the latest batch, I've been fermenting all sorts of veggies this winter 


The cutest ever food gift bags 

Gorgeous diary and few other cute things for next Christmas  
I love January sales !!!

I'm enjoying reading this book, Michelle Obama is very honest and down to earth woman

The last photos are from Hampton palace and river Thames, my daughter  and I went ice skating on the ice ring in Hampton palace, we found it very pretty !!!


  1. Happy New Year Laura. Lovely blog post. I love all the dishes your have shared here, perfect for our wintry season. The one that has me the most tempted is the lentil stew. I would love to hear more about your fermentation. I have made purple cabbage sauerkraut and a few other things in the last couple of years, but am slow to get into the process, so always enjoy reading of what other fellow bloggers have been up to. PS I hope you will join in with #EatYourGreens this month.

    1. Hi Shaheen, happy new year to you too, I will publish the lentil stew as a separate recipe , it is really healthy and tasty meal xx